Corporate Projects
head and shoulders portrait of Carol Somper sustainable development consultant

Carol Somper Corporate Projects

  • Energy/carbon and water efficiency audits for 24 of the Girl’s Day School Trust schools across the UK, Carol led as Project Manager and lead editor for each school report and action plan, plus lead author for an overview report recommending actions towards putting in place a ‘whole school approach to low carbon sustainability’ programme.

  • Strategic sustainability review of corporate performance and project delivery for Kier May Gurney Rail, leading to the development of a targeted action plan for improving operational and project performance monitoring and management.

  • Bid critique and bid revisions for Colas Rail when their track renewal team failed to get through a PQQ exercise for a Network Rail framework. The advice given led to Colas improving their score and going through to the full bid stage.

  • Commuting study and updated Travel Plan recommendations for British Airways Waterside HQ. The study was completed using a tailored on-line survey achieving a 33% response rate. The results of the survey were discussed with 8 BA focus groups drawing on all departments to enable a stakeholder-led Travel Plan update to be prepared for senior management.

 Carol delivers 'added-value' for both clients and their customers

Environmental Audit

"I found Carol to be knowledgeable, helpful and flexible in approach. She has given me some great ideas that will save us money as well as make us greener!"

David Kimber

Head of Facilities, Association of Lecturers and Teachers