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head and shoulders portrait of Carol Somper sustainable development consultant

Carol Somper Sustainable Planning



Woodside Avenue, Eastleigh, Hants (2015 -). This 3.3 hectare site is located in centre of Eastleigh town and will be 100% residential. An Interim certificate is in place, while waiting to start the process for attaining the Final Certificate for the First Wessex Housing Association (with Eastleigh Borough Council).


North Stoneham/land south of Chestnut Avenue and Allington Lane, Eastleigh, Hants (2014 -). Two developments for the Highwood Group – a mixed use 61 hectare site with a community centre and the design restores elements of historic parkland where an Interim certificate is in place and Final Certification to come. Secondly, a mixed use development of 680 homes plus retail and education facilities.


Mon Tresor ‘airport city’, Mauritius for Omnicane (2015 -). Covering more than 600 hectares the site will have a wide range of uses, with the first phase focusing around a new hotel and trading area. The assessment framework is based on BREEAM Communities 2012, but tailored to the location and in-country regulations. A bespoke BRE Global framework is in place with the client and project team and mandatory specialist reporting is underway.







As an experienced licensed BREEAM Communities Assessor/Auditor listed in GreenBookLive (BRE Global), Carol understands the process and technical issues covered by the scheme.

Carols' role as the assessor is to interpret the requirements of each issue in relation to a scheme, communicate these requirements to the client and liaise with the project team to collate the evidence which needs to be submitted along with the assessment report.